Le Surmount 
Wall coating & Wall paper 
Le Surmount is a local company with a burning desire to influence people in bringing up the visual aesthetics of a space that truly belongs to them; a space called home. We specialize not only in various forms of wall covering and wall coating in the market, but virtually anything that has to do with interior soft furnishings like laminates, laminate floorings & carpeting as well as various materials you can find.

With our continual motivation to provide the local market with the newest materials possible, Le Surmount is excited to present our latest jewel; our wall coating series called The Surmount series.

While wall coating is somewhat similar to the traditional wallpaper, it is very different from the latter. Equipped with breakthrough Spanish technology, this exciting new innovation has never been seen in the local interior scenes upon our survey conducted. It is a new environment-friendly decoration material with simple, do-it-yourself application characteristics. After being rolled on the wall surface, it produces a unique sense of vein and three-dimensional relief, an expressive impression of one's individual taste. It is
a revolution of traditional interior wall decorative materials, which consists of different kinds of natural and synthetic textile fibers such as paper pulp, wood fiber, textile fiber and leaves.

Compared with the traditional paint and wallpaper, it has many advantages such as:
- I's Green! It doesn't contain formaldehyde, VOC, or any other harmful ingredients. It has been
tested by National Quality Supervision Testing Center (China).

- No offensive odor, no volatility and well-developed environment protecting capability.

- Fire-retardant, anti-static, heat insulation attributes.

- Free from cracking and peeling problems.

- Available in palettes of colors and various textures to fully show individuality.

- DIY easily. It is very easy to construct, using your imagination to create a style you desire.

- Convenient application and free from air borne pollutants.

- Convenient and unique seamless rectification.

- Noise deadening, reduces sound rebounding and possesses sound absorbing effect.

- With its porous qualities, it regulates humidity on its own unlike its predecessors.
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